Spectra Orthopedic Mattress Company provides our customers with the highest quality mattresses.  We believe that our materials and our ability to design, source, and assemble our products in the United States put us a cut above the rest.

Spectra Orthopedic Mattress Company manufactures our own foam incased individually wrapped pocketed coils.

We guarantee that our mattresses offer;

  • Our pocketed coils provide relief from any back pressure causing you to toss and turn in your sleep
  • Our mattress does not transfer motion, so you get an undisturbed sleep even if your partner moves
  • Our individually wrapped pocketed coils frame to the body better than any other spring system
  • We run our own testing further guaranteeing a relief of pain on all pressure points ensuring you sleep soundly every night

Spectra Orthopedic Mattresses are reliable and dependable. Proven to provide our customers with the value and benefit of a good night’s sleep and promoting good health. Available in a variety of different sizes and comfort systems; from foam incased individually wrapped pocketed coils to tradition Bonell spring systems.

We provide our customers with an extensive catalog of mattress to fit any comfort need!